Step 1. We evaluate your current tooth shade color with our Shade Guide tool. And take a “before” photo. To share with you after the treatment, to see the amazing results.

Step 2. We prepare your teeth with a Remineralizing gel. This builds up a barrier of resistance against sensitivity. We also send you home with this pen.
Next, we protect your gums & lips with Aloe E, to moisturize and protect.

Step 3. Once you are comfortable, protected, and educated on the process. We administer the 60-minute whitening process, in Three (3), 20 minute sessions. The Advanced Accelerator Light, is positioned over your mouth, to activate the whitening gel. And accelerate the whitening process that yield such great results immediately!  

Step 4. Reveal your new BRIGHT Smile! Take an “after” photo. Plus, we check once more with our tooth Color Shade Guide, So that you the client can see exactly the before & after results.

Step 5. Follow after care card for instructions on how to maintain your new beautiful smile. 

Product Used:

FDA approved food grade, plant based, whitening gel.

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